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Human Trafficking Index

For further information on the LexisNexis Human Trafficking Awareness Index, you can contact Hiltje Beijer on Hiltje.beijersberghuis@lexisneixs.nl

Additional Resource

  • Sample Article
    For an example of how journalists and campaigners can use the Index to generate compelling articles please download the sample article written by award-winning freelance journalist and Amnesty blogger Billy Briggs.
  • Data Model
    To review the raw data for the past 2 years please download the Index Data Model
    (Please note – whilst the Index itself is made freely available, to review the underlying news articles which you will need an active Nexis subscription).
  • Human Trafficking Handbook
    This unique collection of original essays seeks to meet that need by bringing together for the first time expert perspectives from a wide range of key participants in the struggle against human trafficking in the United Kingdom. Edited and collated by award-winning human rights barrister Parosha Chandran, this precedent-setting text assembles the views of specialist lawyers, local authorities, doctors, non-governmental organisations, police officers and prosecutors as it surveys the major themes of human trafficking, ranging from domestic servitude to sexual and labour exploitation, and also carefully examines the impact of trafficking upon its victims.